Samsung Unveils New HD Photos Featuring BTS And The New Galaxy Z Flip4

The phone comes in “Bora Purple!”

Previously, Korean tech company Samsung teased a collaboration with their ambassadors, BTS.

Now, Samsung has officially held its annual Samsung Unpacked, revealing its latest products.

This includes the new Galaxy Z Flip4, which is available for pre-order now! It comes in four colors, including “Pink Gold,” “Graphite,” “Blue,” and “Bora Purple,” which is a nod to BTS and their iconic purple and the V-coined phrase “Borahae (I Purple You).”

And, as always, Samsung is spoiling ARMY with a bunch of new HD photos featuring BTS and the new products! Who better to model the “Bora Purple” edition of the Galaxy Z Flip4 than the members?

Check out all the new pics below!

1. RM

It’s the purple jacket to match for us!


#RM’s got the new #GalaxyZFlip4 in his hands – like a camcorder – for stunning shots.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

#RM looks so dashing with his #GalaxyWatch5, #GalaxyBuds2Pro AND #GalaxyZFlip4, don’t you think? 😍

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

2. Jin

The selfie-king is here!


#Jin looking as handsome and chic as ever in his hands-free selfie taken on the #GalaxyZFlip4.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

#Jin and the #GalaxyZFlip4, #GalaxyBuds2Pro, with the #GalaxyWatch5? They complete each other. 🥺💜

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

3. Suga

Hide the scissors from HYBE, seriously.


#SUGA’s selfie game is off the charts. 📈Place the #GalaxyZFlip4 anywhere and angle it freely for that perfect moment.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Oh, the things we’d do to have #SUGA’s ear like the #GalaxyBuds2Pro and be carried around like his #GalaxyZFlip4. 🥺

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

4. J-Hope

As always, J-Hope proves to be the group’s fashionista!


#jhope about to capture the perfect selfie with the new #GalaxyZFlip4.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

#jhope’s coolness made the color combination for the #GalaxyZFlip4, #GalaxyBuds2Pro AND #GalaxyWatch5 juuuust fine! 😎

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

5. Jimin

Models should be glad that Jimin chose to be a K-Pop idol.


Even on the floor, the #GalaxyZFlip4 gets some great angles. Be like #Jimin and 🆙 your selfie game.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

#Jimin has the perfect accessories to complete his look — the #GalaxyZFlip4, #GalaxyWatch5 and #GalaxyBuds2Pro. 🤗

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

6. V

It’s a fact that V invented the side profile pose.


#V absolutely serving with his new #GalaxyZFlip4 selfies. Just unfold it, hold it, and…📸

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

#V and the #GalaxyZFlip4, #GalaxyWatch5 and #GalaxyBuds2Pro. Stylish as always. Period. 🤭

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

7. Jungkook

Jungkook’s face card never declines.


#JungKook holding his #GalaxyZFlip4 like a camcorder to capture his perfect profile.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Style. Overload. #JungKook’s accessorizing game is on a whole new level with his #GalaxyZFlip4, #GalaxyWatch5 and #GalaxyBuds2Pro. 🤩

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

8. OT7

We’re going to tell our kids that this was The Wiggles. These multicolored fits are everything.

BTS | Samsung

@BTS_twt and the new #GalaxyZFlip4 look amazing together. 💜

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Additionally, Samsung is teasing events for ARMY in New York, USA, and London, England.

Source: SamsungMobile