Samsung Teases New BTS Collaboration—Here Are All The Clues So Far As To What It Could Be

We’re placing bets on a new BTS Edition phone…

Samsung Mobile keeps ARMYs well fed with content from Ambassadors BTS.

Now, Samsung is teasing something greater than just a new photoshoot.

Samsung recently shared an ad for a new color for Samsung Galaxy S22. It’s a lovely shade of purple that in the tweet caption was referred to as “Bora Purple.”

And naturally, that got ARMYs’ attention.

Borahae is a term coined by BTS’s V.

That’s not all Samsung teased, though.

Samsung shared videos of both New York City and London in purple, along with Annyeong (hello in Korean). Considering the usage of Korean and purple, we can’t help but think BTS is connected to Samsung’s next big reveal.

If we weren’t already suspicious, Samsung then tweeted a black-and-white group shot of BTS’s backs. The caption promised that “Something great is on the way…”

Besides, Samsung has been teasing its iconic foldable phones more than ever.

So, could we be getting a BTS Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip? This wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung seemed to tease such.

In 2020, Samsung released an exclusive BTS edition of their Galaxy S20+ phone. It was not only purple but included lots of special features that only an ARMY could truly appreciate. But now it seems like it is time for an upgrade!

Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition. | Samsung

What do you think Samsung and BTS are up to?

You can find out on August 10 during the annual Samsung Unpacked. 

Source: SamsungMobile