Who Is He? Here Are BTS’s New Viral Nicknames From The GRAMMY Awards 

The people need answers. ASAP.

BTS’s members always earn new nicknames from locals (the general public) when they appear at the GRAMMY Awards. Here are the nicknames that locals used this year to find out several of the members’ real names!

1. “The Guy In The Orange Suit”

Worldwide Handsome Jin and his striking orange suit collected locals like trophies at the GRAMMYs.

He was also called “the one with the pink mic” and “the one with the long hair”.

2. “The One In The Printed Orange Suit”

New J-Hope stans desperately wanted to know more about the man in the printed orange suit, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s a Hope World — the rest of us just live here!

3. “The One In The Yellow Shirt”

Jimin, also known as “The Guy In The Dark Green” suit, earned his new nicknames from all the locals who fell victim to The Jimin Effect.

No one is immune!

4. “The Guy In The White Suit With Black Hair”

Once again, went viral at the GRAMMYs! In 2019, V became “The Guy With The Green Hair”, and in 2020, he was “The Man In Black”.

What will his nickname be next year?

5. “The One In The White Suit With The Blue Mic”

Entrance Fairy Jungkook enchanted locals with his beautiful voice and top model visuals when BTS performed “Dynamite”.

Who is he? They all want to know!