12 Times BTS Looked Ridiculously Hot In Harnesses And Body Chains

They were insane for #3!

Nobody does sexy looks better than BTS! Check out 12 times they showed us all how to rock some of the hottest accessories to date, including harnesses, body chains, and more!

1. J-Hope’s legendary Dior “Tear” look

We will never forget.

2. Jungkook’s super sexy “2022 Season’s Greetings” outfit

He has as many belts as fans swerving into his bias lane.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

3. Vocal line’s body chains during “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”

The custom-made looks were to die for!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter
| @BTS_twt/Twitter

This accessory was definitely a success…for ARMYs!

4. V’s one-shouldered “ON” look

The tattoo was definitely a bonus.

5. Suga’s pop of color

Nobody can forget this fiery red harness.

6. Jin showing off his wide shoulders in a suspender harness

Bring back this look on him ASAP!

7. This harness and choker combo on J-Hope

“ON” era was a time to be alive!

8. RM slaying an all-black look

“Fake Love” was just as iconic.

9. Jimin’s crossbody chain

He looks expensive — and he is!

10. V’s white harness

He slayed this look.

11. J-Hope’s 2018 BBMA’s outfit

This look will trigger any J-Hope stan!

12. Jin showing off his snatched waist

His body proportions are perfect and the harness emphasizes it!