19+ Times BTS’s Members Quenched ARMY’s Thirst

WARNING: These moments are so hot, you might melt.

Welcome. First time with BTS? If so, proceed with caution because this list of 19+ thirst-quenching moments is not for the faint of heart!


1. When Jungkook body rolled his way through “Baepsae”…


2. …and Jimin turned “Serendipity” into a synonym for “sexy”


3. When angel V fell from grace…


4. …and took Jin down with him


5. Yet another reason why “Baepsae” should probably be age restricted


6. Speaking of things that should be age restricted, have you seen Suga’s legendary, pink silk performance?


7. That time J-Hope’s tongue flick was just way too much


8. The reason why ARMYs never get tired…


9. …of thanking “Fake Love’s” choreographer

10. Need proof that Jimin is definitely trying to kill us? See Exhibit A…


11. …Exhibit B…


12. …and Exhibit C


13. The move from “RUN”


14. When Jin flaunted his Worldwide Shoulders during “No More Dream”


15. Was that really necessary?


16. (Yes. Yes, it was.)


17. Every time this “ball of sunshine” reminds us that the sun is very, very hot.


18. Let’s not forget that split second when V slayed us with his duality

19. If looks could kill…


20. …we’d all be dead!