Here Are 10+ Behind-The-Scenes Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” That Everyone Should Get To See

We’re living for all of the Bam content!

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Our comfort show is no more (for now). Season 2 of BTS‘s In the SOOP aired its finale last week. So, it’s our first Friday without a new BTS In the SOOP 2 episode, and, no, we’re not okay.

Thankfully, Weverse released new behind-the-scenes clips from the filming of the series. So, we have compiled 10+ moments that we believe everyone should get to see…

1. Lots more much-needed workout clips

Thank you to whoever decided to release this footage.

2. The gang visiting Producer Suga’s recording studio

3. The dishwashing train

4. Leaning Tower of Pisa who?

5. *Googles “how to be Bam?”* 

6. Rainy games

7. Too wholesome for words!

8. Jungkook: ATV driver continued

9. Uncle Jimin is beyond sweet with Bam

10. What kind of K-Drama is this?

11. As he should

12. Beekeeper V era

13. Uncle RM hanging out with Bam

14. They have our heart

15. More trampoline fun!

Now, we wait for season 3!

Check out moments from the season 2 finale below:

Here Are 20+ Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” Episode 5 That Everyone Should Get To See

Source: @BTSupdate_7 and Weverse