Here Are 20+ Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” Episode 5 That Everyone Should Get To See

#14 is too wholesome for words!

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Our favorite reality show, BTS‘s version of In the SOOP, has been giving us much joy and healing the past few Fridays.

Unfortunately, the day has come that the fifth and final episode of BTS In the SOOP 2 has been released.

“BTS In the SOOP 2” poster.

While it’s the last episode (for now, as we hope there will be a third season in the future) and it is paid content, we have compiled lots of moments that we deem some of the best so that you can both relive it and catch it whether you have been able to purchase the series or not.

So, here are 20+ moments from BTS In the SOOP 2 episode 5 in no particular order that everyone should get to see…

1. Jin’s unique way of waking someone up

2. Also, Jin just being too cool

3. Suga being everyone’s dad

4. BTS In the SOOP? More like BTS In the CLUB!

5. V revealing he almost wasn’t Kim Taehyung

6. When Jungkook buffered

7. Jimin’s “Love Yourself” cover

8. V making everyone hotteok

9. Food is definitely V’s love language

10. BTS In the SOOP theme version 2!

11. When Jin intentionally made food mild for V, who can’t eat it spicy

12. Conscientious dog dad Jungkook put lotion on Bam!

13. Mini concert by V

14. Happy Jungkookie!

15. Jin teaching us how to really cook

16. The neverending saga of the animated T-shirt

17. J-Hope’s polaroid photos

18. Bedhead Jungkook

19. We live for J-Hope’s interviews. Simply iconic

20. Growth!

21. Jin talking about how he and RM balance each other

22. J-Hope’s wiggly dance!

And perhaps the inspiration…

23. When they called Chef Baek

24. Suga and Jin planning to open up a restaurant together

25. Group photo!

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