Here’s Why BTS’s RM And Jin Think Their Personalities Make The Perfect Combination

We 100% agree!

Even BTS‘s RM and Jin recognize they’re an iconic duo!

BTS’s RM (left) and Jin (right) | @runchrandanj/Twitter

On the final episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, the members gathered for a yummy steak dinner, and they reminisced on their time together in the forest.

| BTS/Weverse

As they ate, they talked about how they felt about the time they’d spent relaxing while filming In the SOOP. As they talked, Jin revealed that something RM had said made him feel bad for the group’s leader.

Jin said he wished RM would have been able to fully relax during their time in the forest, but RM was focused on work. Jin said, “Namjoon suddenly looked at me and asked, ‘Jin, is it really okay to waste my days away like this?’ I wish he’d just enjoy the moment, but he can’t stop thinking about work.”

RM and Jimin said they get bored with relaxing after spending a few days doing nothing, so they look for something to occupy themselves with during their free time. RM said that’s why he spent so much time working out while filming In the SOOP. Although Jin totally understood where they were coming from, his opinion on resting differed. He said, “I think true resting is when you start thinking, ‘Can I really live like this? I feel so pathetic.'”

RM admired Jin’s philosophy on resting, and he said, “This is the type of people I need to be with.”

Jin totally agreed, and he said, “I think we need a mix of Namjoon and me.” 

Jin continued by saying that he often thinks of RM when he’s resting. He said he often found himself thinking that RM was probably working at that moment, so he would start working, too.

Jin said that RM told him that he felt the same when he saw Jin, and he sometimes stopped working and relaxed because that’s what Jin would do. Jin concluded his statement by saying, “There should be a mix of our two personalities.” 

Jin and RM do make a great pair, so we totally agree that their personalities would make a great mix!