BTS’s Jin Has The Best Philosophy On The Importance Of Rest, And We 100% Agree With Him

Rest is very important!

BTS‘s Jin may be ultra-successful and hardworking, but he definitely understands how important it is to rest and take a break every now and then.

BTS’s Jin | @fila_korea/Twitter

The first episode of BTS In the SOOP 2 was just released, and Jin explained why he thinks rest is so important in an interview that’s included in the episode.

| BTS/Weverse

Like in the first season of In the SOOP, Jin filled his time in the forest with gaming, eating lots of yummy food, laughing with the members, resting, and doing absolutely everything he wanted to do.

Jin explained why he decided to spend time resting and playing around instead of working out and pursuing other self-development related hobbies. He said, “To me, resting is not putting meaning into time spent for self-improvement.”

Although he knows that rest is important, Jin acknowledged that some people may not agree with him and may think his commitment to having fun is strange. He said, “We live in a time where when I say gaming is my hobby, many ask why I’d do that. They instead suggest I be more productive by working out or doing something to develop my career. They often say things like ‘find a hobby,’ but I wonder if that’s really rest.” 

While some people may believe Jin should use his free time to do something productive, he emphasized how restful it is to spend the day doing nothing every now and then. Some people may think he’s wasting his time doing nothing, but that’s how he recharges. He said, “You know those days when you’ve done absolutely nothing, that people might look at you and say, ‘You wasted your day away.’ That’s the kind of living that gives me rest.”

We totally agree that resting and enjoying lazy days from time to time is important, and we love seeing Jin and the rest of BTS relax and destress in In the SOOP!