BTS’s Jungkook, V, And RM Work Out During “In The SOOP,” And We Are Definitely Not Ready For The Results

We are all shook!

By now, most ARMYs know that BTS has been hitting the HYBE gym, and they’ve been getting more fit, strong, and muscular than ever.

BTS | @fila_korea/Twitter

ARMYs have even joked that the HYBE gym should shut down so BTS can’t get even more buff.

ARMYs who have been manifesting the end of HYBE’s gym, we have some bad news for you: BTS worked out at their own personal gym while filming the second season of BTS In the SOOP, and it looked like their gains were showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it looked like they’ve been working out just as hard as ever while relaxing in the forest!

| BTS/Weverse 

Although only one episode of the second season of In the SOOP has come out, there’s already plenty of workout moments from the show. RM was shown doing chin-ups and hanging ab exercises, and we just know the results of his hard work will be absolutely lethal.

V did some chin-ups, too. Look at how big his arm muscles look here!

Jungkook boxed while filming In the SOOP, and we’re definitely not ready to see his results either.

While there were only a few workout moments in this episode, it was enough to get ARMYs talking about BTS’s workout routines!