BTS’s Jungkook Proves He Has Been Hitting The HYBE Gym, And It Definitely Needs To Shut Down ASAP

We are shook!

It seems as if recently, there has been more talk about the members of BTS going to the HYBE gym, and ARMYs are definitely not ready for the results. From Jin telling ARMYs on Weverse to leader RM, and even the members of TXT, it seems like fans are on a mission to close the gym before it’s too late.

The latest member who has caught the attention of fans is BTS’s maknae Jungkook!

BTS’s Jungkook | Rolling Stones

To celebrate his birthday, Jimin recently held a live broadcast with ARMYs. During the stream, Jimin phoned up Jungkook to ask if he could come after his workout because he was feeling shy by himself.

While on the phone, Jimin joked that the group’s maknae shouldn’t be overworking himself. Yet, Jungkook surprised everyone by saying, “No, my body’s all disappeared. I have to work out.”


Luckily, being the amazing member he is, Jungkook came to visit Jimin still dressed in his workout clothing, and there is no doubt that Jungkook’s body didn’t look like it disappeared. In fact, many ARMYs thought the opposite!


In particular, fans noticed that one moment definitely proved that, if anything, Jungkook had added muscle rather than losing it. At one point, Jungkook joked that he didn’t know if he was allowed to be there, which Jimin obviously refuted, adding, “Of course, ARMYs love all out members so.”

After this, Jungkook went on to puff out his chest and, after asking if he was a kangaroo, went on to slap his pectoral muscle.


For ARMYs, the loud sound definitely proved that Jungkook’s muscles are not hiding, and they definitely haven’t gone anywhere! After his appearance, Jungkook trended worldwide for his good looks, kind personality, and another appearance of the lip ring!

Yet, it seems as if as well as treating ARMYs, Jimin could have also been getting payback. In the summer, BTS posted a video, and one moment fans couldn’t get enough of was Jungkook subtly slapping Jimin’s pec, and now he has returned the favor!

No matter what, it seems like HYBE needs to close its gyms ASAP because it won’t be long before BTS all get ripped, and ARMYs will definitely not be able to handle it! You can read more about the broadcast below.

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