BTS’s Jin Is Hitting HYBE’s Gym, And We’re NOT Ready For The Results

Here’s his latest update.

It’s time to beg HYBE to close the gyms again!

Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

At 2021 FESTA, BTS revealed that Jimin, RMJungkook, and Suga were the members who were working out the most. “You and I are the ones left [to join],” Jin informed J-Hope.

J-Hope and Jin at 2021 FESTA | BANGTANTV/Youtube

Now, Jin has officially joined BTS‘s “gym line,” and he’s getting his money’s worth at HYBE’s facilities. On Weverse, Jin revealed that he has hit the gym ten times in just two weeks!

| Weverse

I promised that I would work out when I visit the office, and I visited almost 10 times in 2 weeks.
What if I get so swole?

— Jin

After working out for those two weeks, Jin said that his body fat is down to 15%! He also decided to throw his gym buddy RM under the bus, when a fan asked for a TMI.

| Weverse

Kim Namjoon asked me to work out with him but then he disappeared.

— Jin

Jin is already known for his worldwide shoulders. Are we ready for Worldwide Muscle Guy?

| Run BTS!/Weverse