Suga Spills The Hottest Tea About BTS’s Shirtless Workouts 

Here’s what happens at HYBE’s gym.

If you’re one of the many ARMYs pleading for HYBE to close the gyms, I have some bad news for you. The gyms are still open, and BTS is making very good use of them!


At 2021 FESTA, BTS celebrated their 8th anniversary by answering a Q&A and sharing stories at the ARMY Corner Store. One question was; “If you’ve spent some time with the members, who did you spend it with, and what did you do?” 

“These days I’m interested in staying in shape,” Jimin said. “so I work out with you guys.” This kicked off a whole discussion about BTS’s current gym habits.


J-Hope said that he’s jealous of his members’ workouts, but he isn’t quite ready to join them yet.

“It’s so much fun. It’s pretty tough though,” Jimin replied. “Usually it’s called crossfit.” RM added that the members do “semi-crossfit” because they aren’t at the level of full crossfit yet.

“We take off our shirts and follow the instruction, but it’s not easy,” Jimin went on. This reminded BTS of their predebut workouts. They worked hard to get super fit and would take mirror selfies, including photos of their abs, to mark their progress.

From left to right: Jin, RM, and Jungkook.

Right now, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, and Suga are the ones hitting the gym the most. “You and I are the ones left [to join],” Jin informed J-Hope. Although V was into fitness for a while, RM said he hasn’t been interested in exercising lately.

If you need motivation for joining a gym, specifically HYBE’s gym, Suga has you covered. “If you come to the gym, you can see soldiers like in movies,” he said.

Soldiers from Descendants of the Sun | KBS

He offered this demonstration:

“When you open the door, you’ll see us shirtless, saying, ‘We’re awesome! Yeah!'” Suddenly, I’m very interested in fitness.

For more, find out what embarrasses each BTS members here or watch the full video below:


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