BTS Reveals What Embarrasses Them And What They Feel Confident About

They answered this and more at 2021 FESTA.

At 2021 FESTABTS shared new stories, facts, and TMIs about themselves. This included questions about what makes them feel embarrassed, and what they feel confident about.

When asked what he feels embarrassed about, Suga cooly said, “Nothing really.” He is confident about BTS’s performances.


RM said he feels embarrassed when someone suddenly asks him to show his “Dance Monster” side. “When I’m asked to dance impromptu,” he said. “like by myself out of the blue.” That said, RM is confident about making people laugh with his comedic dance skills.


V‘s answer was similar to RM’s, but less specific. He said, “When I’m forced to do something.” On the other hand, V feels confident, “when I’m asked to do what I’m confident in.”


Jimin said he is embarrassed about his own personality, but how? Why? ARMYs love him just the way he is! Jimin knows this too, of course. He also chose his personality when asked what he is confident about.


Jungkook said he is embarrassed when he gains weight, but he is confident about his voice, a voice that ARMYs never get tired of listening to.


J-Hope gets embarrassed by compliments, but it’s unlikely that fans or his members are going to stop complimenting him. He deserves all the praise he gets, and more! He said he is confident about his dancing.


“I want to stay nonchalant,” Jin said. “but my ears turn red.” His members often point it out! One might expect Worldwide Handsome to say he is confident about his looks, but instead, Jin said he is confident about his members.


For more, find out what Suga said about BTS’s shirtless workouts or watch the whole video here:


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