BTS Fans Beg Big Hit Entertainment To Close The Gyms, Because Damn

Fans are trending #BIGHITCLOSETHEGYMS in response to BTS bulking up.

ARMYs have had enough. They’re putting their foot down and calling for Big Hit Entertainment to close the gyms. Why? Because BTS is becoming a very big health hazard!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

[WARNING: This article contains hot materials. Contact may cause burns.]

On December 21, Dispatch released a new behind the scenes video of BTS’s photoshoot for Dicon magazine. Each member’s visuals and charisma hurt fans in the best ways, but V‘s muscular arm was the last straw.

On Twitter, fans are now trending the hashtag “#BIGHITCLOSETHEGYMS” and jokingly begging BTS’s agency to take action against this…

…and this…

…and a whole lot of this.

Fans’ lives were hard enough when Jungkook started bulking up, but now it’s getting out of control!

Something must be done, for the sake of Suga‘s wardrobe…

…and the sanity of ARMYs everywhere.

That said, in this case, it might be better if Big Hit Entertainment doesn’t listen to fans.


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