BTS’s V Is Getting Buff And Absolutely Nobody Is Ready For It

Fans are raving about V’s physique, thanks to a new photoshoot.

If you haven’t been steamrolled by V‘s visuals lately, prepare your heart and read on. It’s time.

This month, Dispatch is giving ARMYs more gifts than Santa Claus: 40+ new HD BTS photos, behind the scenes footage, and more. It’s all part of the 10th issue special edition of Dispatch’s Dicon magazine.

On December 21, Dispatch released a brand new video with solo clips and group clips from the photoshoot. All the members looked gorgeous, but if there’s a V stan in your life, you might want to check their pulse.

At one point, V posed in a white T-shirt that showed just enough of his muscles to make fans go feral.

ARMYs have noticed BTS hitting the gym more these days, but they still weren’t expecting to be “attacked” out of nowhere like this.

In response, fans are now playfully begging Big Hit Entertainment to close the gyms. Watch the video here, if you dare:


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