BTS’s V Misses Performing So Much While Filming “In The SOOP” That He Stages His Own Mini Concert

He loves performing for ARMY! 💜

BTS‘s V absolutely loves performing for ARMY!

BTS’s V | @archivefortae/Twitter

On the final episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, the members were looking for something fun to do after they ate a steak dinner together.

| BTS/Weverse

 Jin, J-Hope, and V decided to head outside to play with sparklers and fireworks.

Suga joined them outside later to join in the fun. As they watched the fireworks light up the sky, Suga remarked, “BTS concerts have the best fireworks.” Unsurprisingly, his fellow BTS members totally agreed with him!

As they watched the fireworks, the members couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. Luckily, V knew just what the fireworks display needed: a performance! He carefully approached the sparklers they had set up on the ground, and…

He started dancing to “Idol!”

Then, he lit more sparklers and danced again.

J-Hope loves documenting his life in videos and pictures, so he filmed V’s impromptu concert. The In the SOOP editors included J-Hope’s footage in the show.