BTS’s J-Hope Is Making The World A Better Place — Here Are 5 Causes He Supports

He is using his influence and wealth for good.

BTS‘s sunshine J-Hope is making the world a better and brighter place, one cause at a time. Here are 5 of the causes he has supported!

1. Black Lives Matter

BTS are big supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, having donated 1 million dollars and voiced their stance on Twitter.

On June 6, J-Hope tweeted a set of new photos, including one with the KAWS “TAKE” companion figure. A portion of the sales from this figure, created for the Black Lives Matter movement, is being donated to related organizations, including Color of Change.

2. Women’s education

In 2019, J-Hope donated 100 million won (approximately $84,000) in scholarship money to Choontae Academy. The donations were then passed on to students at Jeonnam Girls’ Commerical High School, ten of whom would receive 500,000 won (approximately $420) each year.

As of June 2020, twenty female students have benefited from the J-Hope Scholarship, which encourages a passion for learning by easing financial burdens.

2020 recipients of the J-Hope Scholarship.

3. Breast cancer awareness

J-Hope is one of several K-Pop idols who wore this special KAWS shirt, designed for the breast cancer awareness campaign. Only 100 of these T-shirts, which feature the phrase “Love Your W” were made, and most were worn by celebrities to spread the word to their large fanbases.

4. Female breadwinners in South Africa

The beaded animal figures seen in the background of J-Hope’s photo were made by Monkeybiz, a non-profit organization that supports 450 registered beaders in South Africa.

Women employed by Monkeybiz are able to support themselves and their families, thanks to customers like J-Hope.


Through BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF campaign, J-Hope has shown support for #ENDviolence, a UNICEF endeavor that seeks to end bullying and other forms of youth violence.

Source: Naver News