BTS Takes ARMY Back To Debut: Here’s Their 2013 vs 2020 Jersey Looks

They are bringing their rookie era style into 2020.

On June 10, BTS posted a 2020 FESTA teaser for their upcoming birthday party, held annually to celebrate their debut anniversary. In the video, each member wears a jersey that references their “No More Dream” era fashion. Here’s how they looked in 2013 vs 2020!

1. RM

Who has changed the most since BTS wore their debut jerseys? It might be RM.

He no longer wears sunglasses 24/7, and he has traded in his perm for his natural hair texture.

2. Jin

Is Jin a vampire? Most likely. He hasn’t aged at all since he last wore a jersey like this.

On the contrary, he went from handsome to Worldwide Handsome!

3. Suga

Like Jin, Suga is one of the oldest BTS members, but you really wouldn’t know it by comparing his photos.

He’s still as fresh-faced as he was in 2013! His hair has changed color and style, but that gummy smile? It’s forever.

4. J-Hope

J-Hoooooooope! ARMY’s sunshine shines brighter than ever in his 2020 jersey.

Back in 2013, J-Hope had a “tougher” image and shorter, jet black hair. Of course, we also can’t forget the eyeliner that all the members rocked back then!

5. Jimin

RM’s appearance has changed the most drastically, but Jimin‘s isn’t far down the ranking. These days, he usually goes for softer looks…

…and his hair hasn’t been this short in ages. 2013 Jimin loved his backward caps, but 2020 Jimin’s style is much chicer.

6. V

Like Jimin, V‘s style has matured and become more sophisticated…

…but we’ll never forget this cute, mischievous kid!

7. Jungkook

The Golden Maknae is no longer the 15-year-old “baby” who debuted in 2013, but strangely enough, out of all the members, he looks the most like his past self!

In the 2020 FESTA preview, Jungkook’s hair is the same color and style he had back in 2013. He also hasn’t lost that child-like playfulness that fans know and love!