BTS Excites Fans By Dropping Official Teaser Video For 7th Birthday Party

Congrats to BTS!

BTS posted a teaser video to Twitter to prepare fans for their seventh birthday party video that will be released on June 13 KST. BTS’s FESTA is a celebration that leads up to the group’s debut anniversary. This teaser left fans in anticipation for the official video drop on the weekend.

In just this short one minute clip, you can already see what a wild and crazy ride this birthday party is going to be!

You can see the members having a great time laughing and playing around.

It also seems like they have prepared many different games and events for this special day!

They are seen separated into groups as they prepare food and cake for the event.

The members also take time to genuinely talk about the past seven years as a group and how they felt during certain times.

But all in all, it all comes down to their love for ARMYs and their passion for music!

An early congrats to BTS for all their hard work and dedication that allowed them to reach their seven year anniversary!