BTS’s J-Hope Is The King Of All-Black Fashion — Here Are 20 Times He Proved It

No ARMY will ever forget outfit #9!

While off-schedule, ARMYs can usually expect to see BTS‘s J-Hope in head-to-toe black! The versatile look can be charismatic, casual, or edgy depending on how it’s styled. Check out 20 times he went for an all-black look and looked ridiculously fine!

1. He always brings his favorite accessory — an iced americano!

2. A black peacoat and black turtle neck is the perfect winter look.

3. Leather jackets are a staple for J-Hope.

4. He stays cozy in a hoodie and sweatpants during long airplane rides!

5. He’ll even rock the look entering music shows.

6. He keeps it simple in a hoodie and jeans, but he makes it all look expensive!

7. J-Hope in specs is the 8th wonder of the world.

8. He proves that sometimes less is more with this simple outfit.

9. Fluffy-haired J-Hope in black hits different.

10. He combined a ripped vest and cool sneakers for an edgy vibe.

11. TBT to when every ARMY wanted these HYYH era hoodies!

12. With only black pieces, he mixes textures like fur, leather, and more.

13. Black isn’t just for summer — He wore this look on a bright summer day!

14. Even his accessories like his hat and bag are black.

15. He looks good and he knows it!

16. Comfort is always key for J-Hope.

17. The leather jacket and sunglasses combo is *chef’s kiss.*

18. Whether he dresses up or just goes casual, J-Hope always looks cool!

19. When you’re handsome, every look is a hit.

20. All of his outfits must be made of boyfriend material!


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