Here Are 10 Times BTS’s J-Hope Proved He’s A Charitable King

#7 shows he’s a true angel!

BTS‘s J-Hope uses his platform and influence to help make the world a better place. Check out 10 times he stood up for a great cause!

1. Breast Cancer Awareness

J-Hope participated in KAWS’s breast cancer awareness campaign by wearing one of 100 “Love Your W” shirts.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

2. Safe Sex Advocacy

J-Hope’s button-down shirt in a recent Instagram post a collaboration piece between British retailer END. and Pleasures founder Alex James.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

It is part of a range from the brands that use fashion and light-hearted designs to advocate for safe sex.

| Pleasures

3. Donations to Children

According to “Green Umbrella,” a charity foundation for children in Korea, J-Hope became the 146th member of the “Green Noble Club” by cumulatively donating over ₩100M KRW ($85,310 USD).

Some of his recent donations include his support of children with disabilities in celebration of his birthday in 2021 where he donated ₩150M KRW ($135,657 USD). Similarly, he donated ₩100M KRW ($89,176.24 USD) to support children in Tanzania, Africa who are currently victims of child abuse and violence in commemoration of Children’s Day on May 5.

4. Empowering Women’s Financial Independence

In the background of one of J-Hope’s photos, fans noticed art pieces from Monkey Biz South Africa, a non-profit organization supporting 450 registered beaders helping women support their families.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

5. Supporting Poor/Disabled Children

During Season’s Greetings 2021, J-Hope wore a Freevolt charity shirt that donates part of their sales to poor children and helping people with disabilities.

| Freevolt

6. Black Lives Matter

J-Hope purchased KAWS’s “TAKE” figurine which was released to raise money for “Black Lives Matter.”

| @BTS_twt/Twitter
| @BTS_twt/Twitter
| Hypebeast

7. Helping Lost and Abandoned Pets

J-Hope has the app “Paw in Hand” which is used for adopting shelter animals, finding missing pets, and helping abandoned or lost pets.

| Weverse
| Paw in Hand

8. Supporting Vulnerable Children

J-Hope’s locket necklace is a Louis Vuitton collaboration with UNICEF that donates each purchase to children in need around the world.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter
| Louis Vuitton
| Naver

9. Women’s Education

In 2019, J-Hope donated ₩100M KRW ($85,310 USD) in scholarship money to Choontae Academy. The donations were then passed on to students at Jeonnam Girls’ Commerical High School, ten of whom would receive 500,000 won (approximately $420) each year.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

As of June 2020, twenty female students have benefited from the J-Hope Scholarship, which encourages a passion for learning by easing financial burdens.

2020 recipients of the J-Hope Scholarship. | News1

10. Ending Youth Violence and Bullying

Through BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF campaign, J-Hope has shown support for #ENDviolence, a UNICEF endeavor that seeks to end bullying and other forms of youth violence.