15+ Times BTS’s J-Hope Controlled The Members’ Choreography That You Probably Never Realized

“Mic Drop” is almost completely controlled by him.

BTS’s J-Hope, nicknamed Jung Team Leader (정팀장), is all business when it comes to practicing choreography. Many of BTS’s dances incorporate some part where he seemingly controls the members as if they’re a single unit. Check out the 15+ times below where J-Hope magically moved BTS in a way that no one else could!

1. Spring Day

2. Blood Sweat & Tears



3. Mic Drop

4. Run

5. We Are Bulletproof Pt.2

6. DNA


7. Fire

8. Dionysus

9. Idol

10. I Need U


11. Baepsae

12. Butterfly

13. 21st Century Girls

14. Boy In Luv


15. Danger

16. Beautiful

17. Just One Day

18. N.O