Here Are 9 Times BTS’s J-Hope Seduced ARMY With His Hot Body

#5 will make you blush!

BTS‘s J-Hope can’t help but flirt with ARMY whenever he gets the chance! Check out some of the best times he was oh-so seductive.

1. When he teased ARMY with his bare chest

The moment he appeared on the big screen, fans couldn’t help but scream!

2. When he made everyone’s imagination go crazy

Yes, we’re all curious!

3. When he changed the concept of BTS’s award show outfits

That sliver of shoulder? Too sexy for TV.

4. When he teased going on a date with ARMY

I hope there’s room for everyone under that umbrella!

5. When he was ready to tear his clothes off while recording “Dynamite”

Keeping it PG was never an option.

6. When he showed off his curves

Even when he’s being funny and cute, he’s still a tease!

7. When he really went for it on stage

Even since 2014, he’s been a flirt!

8. When he reserved a seat for a very lucky girl

Her name is ARMY!

9. When he seduced everyone with his adorable winks

He stole everyone’s heart in this moment.