14 Things You Never Noticed About BTS J-Hope’s Dancing That Will Show You Why He’s A Pro

Only the most observant ARMY noticed #5. 🤯

BTS‘s “Jung Team Leader” J-Hope frequently gets reactions to his dancing that sound like, “As expected, it’s different when the main dancer dances!” Besides just looking good while dancing, there are many small things about J-Hope’s on-stage performance that make him such a skilled dancer. Check out a few of the things below that you might have missed about his stage presence!

1. He incorporates every part of his body into the dance.

Notice how he uses his pelvis to emphasize his steps during this part of “ON.”

2. He adds fun details that match the theme of the song.

Check out how he stirs up a bowl of “Chicken Noodle Soup!”

3. His angles are always neat and straight.

J-Hope nails every move down to the degree of the angle!

4. He goes the extra mile.

Overall, he makes the performance even more exciting with his sharp movements during his spin in “Mic Drop.”

5. He plays with different heights.

You might not have noticed the big difference J-Hope makes during the part of “Boy With Luv” simply by getting lower and higher.

6. Even just walking becomes a dance move.

He oozes charisma doing the most casual moves and brings his special flair to the stage.

7. He adds a little something special.

He’s the only member to do this spin in “Fire” — and he pulls it off with ease!

8. He blends everything seemlessly.

Notice how he rolls his knees and pelvis before exiting and using his hands to further to create the illusion of his body flowing.

9. His smooth sense of rhythm is easy on the eyes.

J-Hope might as well be on ice during this iconic performance of “Anpanman!”

10. He brings the lyrics to life.

He stops time and becomes the physical embodiment of the lyrics “crazy artist” for a moment during this part of “Dionysus.”

11. His expressions always deliver the message.

His face works just as hard as his body does to embody the song and convey the right emotions.

12. His tall body and long limbs creates a flawless dance line.

It’s one of the many things that immediately draws your eyes to him!

13. Even his silhouette is cool.

His poses are so clean and sharp that all you need is a glimpse of his silhouette to know he owns the stage, like the beginning of “Mic Drop.”

14. He truly loves what he does!

You can always feel the passion through J-Hope’s performances, which is part of what makes him such a great dancer.

Source: theqoo