8 Moments That Prove BTS’s J-Hope Is A Total ESFJ

Did you know about #4?

BTS‘s J-Hope is a true ESFJ. Also known as “The Caregiver,” this personality is one of the 16 types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ESFJs are typically empathetic to others, diligently perform their work, organized, and dependable: Basically, J-Hope in a nutshell! Check out some of the many moments below where he proved that he’s an ESFJ through and through.

1. Immediately giving up his medal

Because RM wasn’t one of the members who participated in the track and field event, he didn’t receive a medal. However, when he touched J-Hope’s medal, J-Hope had absolutely no hesitation to hand over his prize to his friend so he would feel more included.

2. Known as “Team Leader Jung”

J-Hope is dependable and is called the “pillar” of BTS for his unwavering, strong mentality. His leader-like personality is always in control! As an ESFJ, he won’t go easy on you and will hold you accountable for your actions.

3. Doing anything for the people who love him

A very intimate request that he could easily deny, J-Hope doesn’t mind giving up a little bit of his personal space and letting a fan touch his dimples if it will make them happy! In everything he does, he thinks of how the other person feels, especially his family, friends, and supporters.

4. His personality is stern, yet kind

Soft on the outside and hard on the inside, what you see isn’t what you get for J-Hope. The longer you know him, the more his cool manliness comes out!

J-Hope is polite from head to toe. He’s super friendly too, so he calls the staff his “hyung-nims” and gets along with them well. He’s a smart guy who is super quick and keen to catch things. The longer you know him, the more you can feel his manly side.

— Staff

5. Letting others go before him

As he did with Jungkook, he lets other members stand closer to the center when receiving awards and doesn’t mind putting himself last. He always takes care of the others before himself and selflessly listens to everything they say before speaking.

He always listens to the end, hiding his presence. But when he does step up, he becomes the strongest guy.

— RM

6. Being empathetic to everyone

After BTS helped the grandmothers in poverty clean and insulate their small living spaces, J-Hope wished he could come every day to keep her company and help her clean. While his busy schedule makes it hard to do things like this, he always gives back through his donations to help people in various living situations.

7. Giving the most thoughtful gifts

As an ESFJ, J-Hope loves helping others and getting people sentimental gifts. J-Hope made Jimin a single CD of his song, “Promise,” a unique and thoughtful idea that he spent a long time creating!

8. Constantly promoting and praising everyone’s work

J-Hope is always the first to show his support for his fellow members, friends, or anyone in his life that’s working hard. He constantly floods social media with his comments and posts of praise!

J-Hope shows support through his Instagram story. | @uarmyhope/Instagram