BTS’s J-Hope Drops 40+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of His Entire “Jack In The Box” Promotions

Go backstage at Lollapalooza, his album release party, and more!

BTS‘s J-Hope was busier than ever during the month of July. From releasing his solo debut album Jack in the Box to preparing for his 2022 Lollapalooza stage, every day was full of new activities — and new content for ARMY to see! Check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of his solo promotions from Naver below.

1. Album Cover Shoot

J-Hope’s creative vision came to life as he embodied a jester for the album’s cover art.

2. “MORE” Music Video

This iconic video marked the beginning of a new era for edgy J-Hope!

3. Album Release Party

J-Hope’s party allowed him to connect with popular artists in the music scene and present his music.

4. “Arson” Music Video

J-Hope is hot as fire behind the scenes of the “Arson” music video.

5. Album Release Live Stream

He explained his creative vision, song meanings, symbolism, and more through a fun livestream event.

6. Appearance on IU’s Palette

J-Hope sat down with IU to discuss his solo career and perform music.

7. Lollapalooza (Film Version)

These stunning photos capture J-Hope behind the scenes of his time in Chicago!

8. Lollapalooza (Regular Version)

Ready to take the stage, J-Hope looks cooler than ever and eventually put on the show of the year!

9. Love Game

J-Hope returned to Korea to connect with ARMY on various radio shows.

10. Starry Night

Check out his innocent and handsome visuals!

11. Selfies

From cute to charismatic, J-Hope is the master of taking selfies!

Take a look at his full preparation for the Lollapalooza stage below.

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Source: Naver