10 Moments That Show BTS J-Hope’s True Personality

Get your tissues ready for #5. 😭💜

It doesn’t take long to get to know BTS J-Hope‘s heart-fluttering personality: He’s humble, selfless, and more hardworking than anyone! Check out some of the moments below he revealed his true nature that made ARMY fall even more in love with him.

BTS’s J-Hope | SBS

1. J-Hope sacrificed his medal to RM without a second thought.

During the Idol Star Athletic Championships, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V received medals for winning the 4x100m relay. The moment J-Hope saw RM who didn’t receive a medal, he immediately gave him his own so he wouldn’t feel left out.

2. He put Jungkook before himself when receiving an award.

Putting himself further off the screen during the Seoul Music Awards, J-Hope would rather help his members have more screen time and be closer to the award and microphone than himself. He doesn’t have to think twice when it comes to being selfless!

3. A BTS World app developer revealed how J-Hope is behind the scenes.

BTS World app developer who had personal interactions with the members revealed some insider information about J-Hope’s true personality and it left fans swooning over his manliness!

J-Hope is polite from head to toe. He’s super friendly too, so he calls the staff his “hyung-nims” and gets along with them well. He’s a smart guy who is super quick and keen to catch things. The longer you know J-Hope, the more you can feel his manly side.

— BTS World App Developer

4. He gave trainees mature, thoughtful, and helpful advice to become successful idols.

When mentoring trainees on survival program Under 19, J-Hope showed all of the qualities of a professional teacher: He uplifted them, gave them clear and insightful advice, and showed by example how he achieves his success. Viewers could feel his work ethic packed into his answers about how he conveys his sincerity as an idol.

5. He always shares how much his mom means to him.

While appearing on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, J-Hope expressed his gratitude for the love and support his mother has given him over the years.

As my mother trusts and helps me, I must succeed. My mother’s happiness is my happiness and her laughter is my laughter.

— J-Hope

J-Hope and his mom | @uarmyhope/Instagram

From posting on social media to always telling the members about her, it’s clear that J-Hope’s mom holds a very special place in his heart.

6. A staff member was able to experience J-Hope’s endless work ethic during a music video shoot.

Working with J-Hope on the set of his music video, “Daydream”, a staff member gave first-hand insight into how J-Hope really is in person. He’s polite and works hard until the very end.

Even with BTS at the height of their fame, he really had a great personality. He must’ve been tired, but I was impressed with his overflowing energy until the very end, greeting each and every person. He made me think that successful people are successful for a reason and gave me the inspiration to work harder.

— Staff

7. J-Hope showed his maturity when he gave his past self advice.

When asked if he would tell himself in the past about his future if he could, he said he wouldn’t in fear of himself becoming lazy. Instead, he would tell himself to just continue what he’s doing.

8. His reaction to the members calling him “Team Leader Jung” shows how humble he is.

The members often reveal that J-Hope’s leader skills keep them focused and working hard not only in the practice room, but in every aspect of being a group. However, in Weverse Magazine, J-Hope’s humble reaction emphasized the team’s efforts over his own.

They’re just calling me that. (laughs) We were able to pull off a performance like this [at the GRAMMYs] because of how well everyone did. That part’s extremely important. I learned a lot from being part of a team.

— J-Hope

9. J-Hope never leaves anyone out.

Full of empathy, J-Hope makes sure the others get to speak…

…are included in activities…

…and always eat together with the group!

10. He’s constantly uplifting the members.

Whether he’s lifting their spirits…

…complimenting their hard work…

…or sacrificing for them, J-Hope always does whatever he can for those he loves!