10 Times The “Run BTS!” Editors Got Extra Creative With J-Hope

Poor Hobi!

The editors of “Run BTS!” love to create the funniest memes through their creative editing choices. Due to J-Hope’s energetic reactions, he’s subject to some of the best editing moments! Try not to laugh at the top 10 hilarious clips below.

1. When he questioned his life choices

His train of thought flew by!

2. When his roller coaster experience became a K-Drama ending

He was so done.

3. This “WOW” moment

It’s the perfect meme.

4. When the thunder struck as his mood changed

This moment is iconic!

5. Dashing at the speed of sound

There he goes!

6. Becoming a pro table tennis player

BTS was hyping him up, too!

7. Logging off

They even played the computer sound.

8. His soul leaving his body

Not once…

…and not twice!

Poor Hobi!

9. When they imitate his face with emoticons

Now this is just too cute!

10. When they emphasize scenes he wants edited out

He wanted this moment to be erased…

…but the editors had other ideas in mind!

Someone save him!