BTS’s J-Hope Crashed His Own “Party In The Box” Listening Stream With ARMY — Here Are 10 Moments Everyone Should Hear

Hobi spoke to ARMY live!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently held an exclusive listening party on Stationhead for his solo debut album Jack in the Box. ARMY gathered to listen to J-Hope’s music, but nobody expected that he would drop in to give live commentary on each song! If you missed it, don’t worry — Listen to 10 of his funniest, cutest, and best moments from the stream below!

1. Introducing himself in flawless English

As time goes on, he only gets better!

2. Reenacting his breathing from “Music Box: Reflection:

Typical Hobi! 🤣

3. “Love you, King”

ARMY love showering him with praise to hear how excited he gets!

4. Revealing his true “Safety Zone”

BRB, holding back tears.

5. His hilarious emojis requests

From boxes to stop signs, there’s a symbol for every song!

6. Freaking out over the fire in “Arson”

Judging by this, he chooses to let the fire burn brighter!

7. A live performance of “Safety Zone”

His smooth vocals are *chef’s kiss*!

8. Accidentally missing the beat

Even his mistakes are adorable.

9. Proudly using English he learned from ARMY

J-Hope always takes everything to heart and does his best to learn.

10. His sweet exit message

We had so much fun, Hobi!

Learn more about his new album below!

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