12 Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope And Jin’s Friendship That Will Make You Soft

#4 shows how close they really are!

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jin act like true brothers. They play, laugh, and cheer for each other in everything they do! Check out 12 of their cutest moments together.

1. When J-Hope became Jin’s mic stand

2. Every time Jin goes into J-Hope’s room

Time and time again, he returned!

J-Hope couldn’t go a few minuets without Jin’s appearance.

It never gets boring with him around!

3. When J-Hope pretended to “not know” Jin

4. Annoying each other at every opportunity

They’re basically family…

…and play like siblings!

5. Wearing two pieces of one outfit

When you combine their jacket and pants, you get one killer look!

6. Accidentally almost kissing and getting grossed out

7. J-Hope roasting Jin’s hair

8. The moon and the sun having a conversation

9. The endearing way they look at each other

10. J-Hope taking care of Jin’s RJ plushie

Jin even gave it to J-Hope when he wasn’t feeling well.

11. Jin allowing J-Hope to try catching his fish when he was about to give up

12. Giving J-Hope the nickname “Jjyeop” (J-Hope in one syllable) so he could fit in with the handsome, one-syllable-named members