J-Hope And Jungkook Are BTS’s Golden Duo — Here Are 12 Times They Proved It

When two talented people work together, you get #3. ๐Ÿ˜

When BTS‘s J-Hope and Jungkook combine their talents, the end result is always pure gold. Whether they’re singing, dancing, or just playing around together, this duo has perfect chemistry. Check out 12 times that Hopekook showed that there’s no limits to what they can do when they’re together!

1. Nobody will ever forget their harmonization in “Outro: Wings.”

This is what you hear at the gates of heaven.

2. Is this an action movie or J-Hope and Jungkook performing?

The look, the heavy breathing, the simultaneous jump — It’s all too good.

3. Their voices together create flawless harmony.

J-Hope’s verse with Jungkook’s doubling will always sound beautiful.

4. Two people, one brain.

Their moves compliment each other perfectly.

5. During live performances of “Make It Right,” they add a special touch.

Wait for it!

6. J-Hope’s verse in “Save Me” is legendary.

Add in Jungkook’s harmonization and you get a masterpiece.

7. Just two bros in a microwave.

They work hard together and play hard together!

8. Their beautiful harmony can even be heard in “Life Goes On.”

This is what dreams are made of.

9. If we’re talking talent, it’s Hopekook.

Next question: When is theย subunit?

10. “Look in the mirror” from “Fake Love” is one of the duo’s most iconic moments.

You can never get tired of this.

11. Award shows really allows them to get creative and show their skills.

Theyย slayed this whole practice video.

12. No matter how you look at it, J-Hope and Jungkook work together perfectly.

ARMYs need more of this duo together ASAP!

Source: TheQoo