9 Iconic Moments From BTS J-Hope’s Chicago Live Broadcast That You Need To See

#3 is a flex! 😍

BTS‘s J-Hope recently touched down in Chicago to headline music festival Lollapalooza. His first order of business: Going live to talk to ARMY! Check out some of the moments you might have missed from his livestream below.

1. Leaving his phone for a moment and this happened

ARMY took a collective tumble. 🤣

2. When he spoiled everyone by giving us a “hug”

Thank you to the ARMY who asked for it!

3. Flexing three different languages in under 10 seconds

Multilingual king!

4. He never forgets the kiss

Fans kinda feel like they’re facetiming their boyfriend.

5. Even cleaning the lens becomes a super cute moment

Peek-a-boo Hobi is so entertaining.

6. Showing off his super cool outfit

He knows he looks handsome!

7. Accidentally exposing sooo much collar bone

Wait…was it really an accident?

8. His rockstar nails

The edgy style is perfect for Jack in the Box era.

9. Can’t forget the wink

He ends the stream with a perfect photo-op!