9 Chaotic Moments From BTS J-Hope’s Livestream That Every ARMY Should See

This is what happens when Hobi takes the stage!

BTS‘s J-Hope just held a livestream to celebrate the release of his solo debut album Jack in the Box. He broke down the stories behind each of his songs, shared some of the cool merch items you can get, and had an absolute blast while doing it! Check out some of his funniest moments below that show just what happens when he hosts his own livestream.

BTS’s J-Hope | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

1. If he wants to stop the stream and pretend to play guitar, he can.

There are no rules in J-Hope’s box!

2. When his Hope In The Box merch successfully scared his socks off.

This item is not for the faint of heart!

3. Realizing the gigantic box full of items was actually wayyy too big.

The struggle is real for Hobi…and he might have whined about it.

4. As always, he’s fueled by iced coffee.

He’s #NotSponsored, just obsessed!

I drank a ton of coffee as I was making this album

— J-Hope

5. He revealed the chaotic origins of the candle’s scent.


6. Wait, is he stalling?!

He doesn’t want to end the broadcast…and ARMYs don’t want it to end, either!

7. Almost pulling a muscle dancing.

Hey, he needs to warm up first!

8. Losing his mind as he tries to remember the items in the box.

He swears he confirmed them all beforehand!

9. His overwhelming urge to smell everything.

The burnt clothes must have left a lasting impression on him!