12 Extremely Cute Moments From BTS J-Hope’s Livestream That Every ARMY Should See

Of course he would do #7. 😂💜

With one week left until the release of his solo debut album Jack In The Box, BTS‘s J-Hope met ARMY through a livestream to talk all about the process and catch up with everyone. As expected, the live was full of adorable moments that will make any ARMY swoon! Check out some of the cutest moments below.

1. Proving he’s the king of flirting

He holds the title…and ARMY’s heart!

2. Pretending to be Snoopy

The resemblance is uncanny.

3. Showing his new long hair

He’s growing it out and everyone is swooning over his handsome visuals!

4. Being teased for having something on his lip

We know it’s only your freckle, Hobi!

5. Showing off his super cool OOTD

He’s the master of the “boyfriend material” style.

6. Imitating the members in the most hilarious way

The way they tease each other is priceless.

7. Getting iced coffee halfway through the livestream

Name something more “Hobi!”

8. Cutely waiting for ARMY to enter the stream

He knows what he’s doing.

9. Slaying the mannequin challenge

Team Leader Jung can do anything!

10. Speaking English flawlessly

His studied have paid off and ARMY couldn’t be more proud!

11. Teasing that he had a fun shoot today

We can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

12. Sharing he’s soooo nervous for Lollapalooza

It’s okay, Hobi — We know you’ll do amazing!