8 Times BTS’s J-Hope Showed His Serious Side Is Intimidating AF

Okay, but #7 though. 😍

When the time comes to focus, BTS J-Hope‘s serious side emerges — and he can get intense. Check out 8 times he revealed his intimidating side that will make you a little bit scared and 100% smitten!

1. When Suga chose J-Hope as the scariest member when he’s angry

When a fan asked Suga who he thinks is the scariest member, he didn’t hesitate to choose J-Hope.

Those who do not often get upset become really intense when they get upset because they gather energy to get upset and explode. I’ll choose J-Hope.

— Suga

2. When he got mad that the translator wasn’t doing his job

J-Hope once told a translator to translate when they weren’t helping RM who was struggling with speaking English.

J-Hope then took the microphone away from RM to make the translator speak. He doesn’t mess around!

3. When the members admitted they’re afraid of him when they make mistakes

He’s always watching!

4. When V revealed he’s scared of the intense look J-Hope has when someone messes up on stage

Don’t let that precious smile fool you — J-Hope’s serious side is not to be taken lightly.

When you’re being watched like this, it’s understandable!

5. When V chose J-Hope as one of the top two scariest members

In every member’s list, he places near the very top!

| @jmxyg/Twitter

6. When “Teacher Jung” said “Isn’t that my part?” to a trainee who messed up while performing “Fake Love” on Under 19

At this point, all he can do is run.

7. When J-Hope told Jungkook not to move too much on stage when he was injured and scolded him with a smile on his face

His “Why did you do that?” is something you might hear in your nightmares (or dreams).

8. The look he gets in his eyes when he focuses

A Big Hit trainee who once trained alongside J-Hope said his eyes become intense the moment it’s time to focus.

Whether he’s on stage…

…or off stage!


J-Hope doesn’t mess around and is a serious guy when it comes to working hard!

That’s part of what makes him so loveable.