Here Are 10 Times BTS’s J-Hope Proved He Has The Singing Voice Of An Angel

#3 is legendary. 😭

J-Hope is known as the “Golden Hyung” of BTS for his endless repertoire of talents. Officially known as part of the rap line, he also boasts incredible vocals. Check out 10 times he blessed ARMY’s ears with his beautiful singing voice!

1. “Blue Side”

In the full version of J-Hope’s song “Blue Side,” he shows even more of his vocal capabilities.

2. “Spring Day”

J-Hope’s soothing vocals during live performances of “Spring Day” elevate the song to new heights.

3. “I Like It”

ARMY’s will never forget J-Hope’s verse in “I Like It” for its catchy, addictive, and soothing sound.

4. “Film Out”

You’ll find yourself replaying J-Hope’s verse in “Film Out” repeatedly.

5. “Lights”

J-Hope can sing beautifully in any language.

6. “Butterfly”

His peaceful, soothing lines in “Butterfly” capture the song’s dreamy vibes.

7. “Let Go”

His beautiful hidden vocals in “Let Go” are a pleasant surprise!

8. “ON”

Even when he’s just playing around, he can hit any note.

9. “Breath” — Park Hyo Shin

During “In The Soop,” J-Hope casually sang these lines with ease!

10. “MAMA”

J-Hope’s heartfelt song for his mother conveyed his emotions through his thoughtful lyrics and powerful vocals.