It’s Official: ARMYs Are Going Wild For BTS J-Hope’s “Holy Trinity” Of Stage Outfits

King behavior!

BTS‘s J-Hope never stops amazing ARMYs with his unique and fashionable stage outfits that match his charismatic performances. Check out the 3 looks that stand out the most below!

1. Black Dior “Tear” Outfit

Starting in 2019, he debuted his legendary Dior look that instantly became a fan favorite.

His fancams from BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour racked up millions of views across various platforms from Twitter to TikTok.

His flawless visuals, along with his chest harness, chains, and combat boots, left ARMYs in a whirlwind of emotions!

With various versions of the look, he eventually stepped out in a grayscale camouflage pattern that took his look to the next level.

2. White Rick Owens Flightsuit

For BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concerts in 2021, he emerged with a look that was just as memorable!

The futuristic and cool vibe of the outfit matched his intensity on stage…

…and left fans with one of his most iconic looks to date.

If you loved “Cypher Part 4” J-Hope in glasses, you’ll love his choice to bring back the cool accessory! This time, he went for thinner cycling sunglasses for a trendy look.

What a way to start a concert!

3. Red Suit in Seoul

In BTS’s recent “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Seoul concerts, the members spiced it up with some new outfits — including this red number from J-Hope!

Not only does the look match his microphone color…

…it also matches the intensity of the beginning of a BTS concert!

His futuristic-looking accessories, including his goggles and chain necklace, are the perfect finishing touches!

It seems this will be one of ARMY’s new favorite looks for him!