K-Netizens Are Officially “Hoseoked” — Here Are 9 Iconic J-Hope Moments From “Yet To Come” In Busan That Made Everyone Fall For Him

Nobody survived #4. 🔥

After BTS‘s WORLD EXPO 2030 “Yet to Come” in Busan concert, all of the members are receiving praise for the legendary, large-scale performance. Specifically, in a popular post on a Korean forum, netizens are raving about J-Hope‘s one-of-a-kind stage charisma.

BTS’s J-Hope

From his aggressive rap to his flawless visuals, he chewed up the stage! Check out the 9 moments netizens chose that show his shocking stage abilities.

1. When he took center stage for “Run BTS”

Every ARMY screamed in this moment.

2. Proving his status as Gwangju’s King in “Ma City”

His confidence and stage presence is unmatched!

3. His passionate singing in “Young Forever”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium.

4. Every moment of “UGH” J-Hope

Watching this 218 times is not enough.

5. His extremely stable singing…while doing body rolls

Only J-Hope could pull this off.

6. Changing the lyrics in “Cypher Pt.3: Killer” to include Jack in the Box references

His entire growth was captured in these new lyrics — and it was iconic.

7. Starting the show in the most epic way with “Mic Drop”

Seeing J-Hope’s silhouette before “Mic Drop” begins is probably the most exciting feeling ever.

8. Proving he eats CDs for breakfast during “Run BTS”

Yes, it’s all live!

9. Bonus: His flawless visuals during the livestream afterwards

Every inch of his profile can only be summed up in one word: Perfection!

Source: theqoo


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