10+ Of BTS Jimin’s Best Airport Fashion Looks That Live In Our Minds Rent-Free

Every ARMY remembers #6. 😍

Throughout the years, BTS‘s Jimin has made the airport his own personal runway. While it’s impossible to capture all of his iconic looks, check out some of his most fashionable looks below that no ARMY will ever forget!

1. 161021

Move over, Justin and Britney — Jimin basically invented denim-on-denim!

2. 190429

Cuddly Jimin in an oversized cardigan is the best Jimin.

3. 160701

This timeless look shows that sometimes simple is best!

4. 171114

Jimin’s grungey style is just *chef’s kiss.*

5. 190429

He spiced up a simple all-black look with fun accessories like a statement CHANEL bag and baker boy hat.

6. 160729

This is the pinnacle of summer Jimin looks!

7. 161014

“Blood Sweat & Tears” era is the gift that keeps on giving: It even blessed ARMYs with incredible airport fashion!

8. 200220

Jimin shows us how to rock the perfect winter outfit and stay toasty.

9. 161028

If you love all-black and leather, this look might be your absolute favorite!

10. 181222

Make way — Model Jimin is coming through in his gorgeous puffer jacket!

11. 160109

Jimin was made for a good peacoat and turtleneck.

12. 180706

It’s all in the details.

13. 170512

A crisp button-up shirt is sexy, masculine, and just the right amount of fashion.

14. 180903

If you’re a fan of preppy looks, this layered sweater vest look might tickle your fancy.