10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Was Fresh Out Of Patience But Well-Stocked With Sass

So savage.

According to BTS, Jimin is one of their funniest members. Even when everything and everyone is getting on his last nerve, Jimin is still a comedy king. Here’s proof!


1. When Jungkook beatboxed his way onto Jimin’s hit list

Never interrupt Jimin’s vocal practice. Never!

2. When the GPS didn’t do its job

“What do mean go left,” he said. “You want us to run into a wall?”


3. When Jimin called out V’s habit of pretending to chew gum…

…then imitated him.


4. The sassiest rockstar on Run BTS!

5. One of the many times Suga pressed his buttons

Jimin wanted to say, “let’s not go overboard” with Suga, but Suga ignored him. Typical.


6. When V just wouldn’t leave him alone.

Hey, hyung. Hyung. Hyung. Hyung…

7. Most Provoking Man…

…is Suga. In Episode 86 of Run BTS!, Suga teased Jimin nonstop.

Suga | Run BTS!/Weverse

“You didn’t get a single [answer]. Is it hard?” Suga said, just to bait him. Jimin wasn’t having that!

8. Who dares to interrupt?

V and Jungkook had the audacity to giggle during Jimin’s presentation. Here’s his reaction:


9. When he had zero patience for slang

“Is it so hard to say the full sentence?” 


10. Taking revenge against Jin the Saboteur

Instead of completing his mission on Run BTS!, Jin spent most of his time sabotaging Jimin. Jimin got so fed up that he kicked Jin’s cards into the stratosphere.

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

11. When he ditched J-Hope for getting his name wrong

“JK” is going home!