Here Are 20+ Of BTS Jimin’s Funniest Moments That Prove He’s Actually The Most Chaotic Member

Try not to laugh at #4. 😂

Lately, BTS’s Jimin is being recognized by his members for his hilarious sense of humor. Check out these 20+ moments he showed his true chaotic self by making everyone laugh!

1. When he suddenly got possessed

2. That time he fell like this and it was the cutest moment ever

3. Warming up his voice…Jimin style

4. Stretching every molecule in his body to gain a few extra centimeters

5. When he created feet art on his socks

6. His pinky size difference with V

7. When he modeled his pants like a true fashionista

8. That time Jungkook helped him create a farting skit on stage

9. When he named his bike “Chikorita” and fed it grass like a horse

10. Dancing his little heart out

11. Stretching like a real student of modern dance

12. Raising his hand like an eager toddler

13. When he got his jacket stuck on his head during the New Year’s Eve performance

14. When he lived up to his title as the funny guy and suddenly became human rubber

15. Checking if the meringue was done (It wasn’t)

16. Always making time to be a little fabulous

17. Riding “Chikorita” off into the distance

18. Forgetting his image and becoming the Scream mask

19. Getting tackled by almost all of BTS

20. Thinking it was okay to pose for a normal picture like this

21. Making a snow angel on the floor…with no snow

22. Showing off his puppy tail

23. Becoming a mad bunny and suddenly speaking in Busan dialect


25. When he fell as J-Hope was giving a speech

26. Imitating this little doll

27. Collapsing slowly during a live broadcast (Wait for the end)

28. Showing cute boys can have double chins, too


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