BTS’s Jimin Believes He Has The Best Eye Smile In BTS, And Here Are 10+ Pics To Prove His Point

These pics totally back up his claim, especially #10!

BTS Jimin‘s eye smile is totally adorable, and he knows it!

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jimin revealed that he believes he can do an eye smile better than any of the other BTS members.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Here are 10+ pictures to back up Jimin’s claim that he has the best eye smile in BTS!

1. Oh nothing, just Jimin reaching peak happiness on stage

| @30sTAEthic/Twitter

 2. Everyone who got to see this eye smile live during Jimin’s live stream is truly blessed

| @mohana2_bts/Twitter

3. Just casually melting ARMY’s hearts during a fansign

| @jiminiepiu/Twitter

4. Consider this picture proof that Jimin=best boy

| @30sTAEthic/Twitter

5. In the SOOP Jimin was truly a cultural reset

| @jimimeyesmile/Twitter

6. Currently falling in luv with “Boy With Luv” Jimin

| @soulene_0/Twitter

7. This picture with Jimin’s fellow 95-liner V holds double the eye smile power

| @jimimboba/Twitter

8. Yes, he really does look this good early in the morning

| @MochiLover95/Twitter

9. Blonde hair? Check. Eye smile? Check.

| @bestpageoflife/Twitter

10. Instant mood booster

| @30sTAEthic/Twitter

11. We’d recognize that eye smile anywhere, even though half of Jimin’s face is covered

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

12. Jimin has been showing off his eye smile since his debut, and we’ll never get tired of it

| @jimimeyesmile/Twitter

13. Why yes, he is glowing in this photo

| @bestpageoflife/Twitter

14. Eye smiles and dogs are the perfect combo

| @mturu_aphrodite/Twitter