BTS’s Jimin Reveals What He Does Better Than Everyone Else, And Even The Members Couldn’t Just Pick One Thing

ARMYs would be spoilt for choice!

When it comes to BTS‘s Jimin, it seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do. He is a phenomenal singer, mesmerizing dancer, and his visuals are definitely undeniable, combining innocence, charm, and handsomeness. Yet, it seems as there is one thing that he believes he does better than any of the members!

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

BTS recently sat down with Vanity Fair and was challenged to see how well they know each other. Each member was given two questions, and the others had to try and guess their answers!

When it came to Jimin, alongside revealing his love of talking about going to the gym, Jimin was asked, “What’s one thing you can do better than everyone else?

From the beginning, the other members were definitely thinking like an ARMY because they were giving answers that couldn’t be more correct. V was the first member to pick after Jimin wrote his answer, and “being cute” could have been the right answer.

Even though RM thought it was correct, Jimin explained that it was close but not specific enough to be entirely right. J-Hope was the next person to try and guess his answer. The first thought was, “Loving yourself too much?” Although it might seem vain, it fitted with many of the group’s albums and messages through their campaigns.

The next idea J-Hope had was dancing, and there is no denying that he is one of the best dancers in the group. Whenever he gets on stage, he is fluid and dramatic, pulling off any dance he is given. Yet, still, it was wrong.

In the end, Jimin had to give them some hints as they kept getting closer with Jungkook, saying his facial expressions that say, “I don’t know anything.” Yet, it was V who finally got the answer by saying that it was Jimin’s adorable eye smile!

Once they knew the answer, the members understood why it was so obvious. J-Hope even said, “Eye smiles are one of Jimin’s best features,” and fans even got treated to a special one from the man himself. Suga even had a try by showcasing the look he thought was the best on Jimin.

With so many good things about Jimin, it almost seems impossible to pick just one. Yet, many ARMYs will definitely agree with him because Jimin’s eye smile is so precious. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Vanity Fair