10 Times BTS’s Jimin Used His Body On Stage In The Craziest Ways

#4 will blow your mind!

Jimin does all kinds of stunts in BTS‘s choreography. As the smallest and lightest member, it’s easiest for the members to pick him up. Once he’s in the air, he does all sorts of amazing dance moves — From flips to aerial kicks, he does it all! Check out 10 times he left us in awe of his abilities below.

1. Being thrown by members

This is only possible because of his amazing core strength.


2. High kicks

Jimin flies through the air and it makes it look much easier than it actually is!



3. Handstand

Gravity doesn’t exist for Jimin!

4. Walking over a pretend box

Years of dancing and knowing his body allows him to do this.

5. Matrix

It’s not in slow motion!

6. Spinning like a windmill

He shows off his great flexibility.

7. Spinning

It takes skill to spin so smoothly and accurately.



8. Standing up

The average person can’t do this!

9. Aerial kick

He takes his kicks into the air for this choreography move.

10. Taekwondo

Whatever he tries, he always does amazing!

Source: theqoo


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