Here Are 8 Times Jimin Controlled BTS’s Choreography And Made Fans Shook

Most ARMYs don’t notice #5 at first.

Netizens claim that BTS’s Jimin is so powerful on stage, you can see him dancing from the third floor of a stadium. Here are 8 times his intense dancing felt as if he was controlling all of the BTS members.

1. Dynamite

When Jimin emerges in the center, the choreography mimics a ripple effect starting from the middle of the group.

Everyone then follows his lead for a grand finale.

Even from far away, Jimin’s powerful jump in front can be seen!

2. Idol

Jimin leads the way for Idol’s grand finale as well, showing his sharp movements and aggressive high kick.

When the backup dancers join the stage, the performance feels even grander.

3. ON

Jimin emerges for the dance break in “ON.”

He keeps his signature, precise dance style throughout the song…


…and even leads the way with new choreography for the final chorus.


4. Fire

Another iconic moment of Jimin leading BTS happens in “Fire” where the memorable move dubbed “3:33” stole fans’ hearts.

Jimin’s movements seemingly create a ripple effect throughout all of BTS’s members and their backup dancers as they appear on stage.

5. Dope

Jimin’s mastery of the choreography allows him to put his own, unique spin on each move while still remaining in sync with the members.

6. Not Today

He plays a similar role at the end of “Not Today,” acting as the center for a grand finale.


His exaggerated jumps and optimized movements also create a strong impression.


7. Mic Drop

The final dance move in the extended version of “Mic Drop” conveys BTS’s strength, with Jimin taking the center position.

8. DNA

He extends his arm in DNA, causing the BTS members to explode out from behind him.

Source: TheQoo