3 Things You Never Noticed About BTS Jimin’s Dancing That Will Convince You He’s A Pro

Once you see #3, you can’t unsee it.

BTS‘s Jimin is a master of the stage. However, you might not notice some of his professional techniques at first. Check out 3 of the ways he optimizes his performance movements that will convince you he’s a dance expert!

1. Masterful Spinning

Moving in a simple, straight line doesn’t work for Jimin.

Whenever he has to travel a short distance, he takes the opportunity to perform a spin.

These small optimizations may not be noticeable at first.

However, in the eye of the trained dancer, these movements help to make the stage more colorful and exciting overall.

Jimin is not afraid to show off his expertise in dancing.

His intensity can be felt whether you are in the first row or in the nosebleeds!

Only experienced dancers can implement such difficult spins into their choreography and continue to perform with high energy.

He makes it look totally effortless!

2. Smooth Sliding

Another way Jimin travels from point A to point B is by sliding.

Switching levels from a standing position to the ground and back up is much more difficult than it seems…

…especially when you’re doing it at Jimin’s pace.

When he’s not sliding, he still makes sure to keep his moves smooth and entertaining for the fans.

3. Rapid Speed

When you begin to pay attention to Jimin’s ability to travel across the stage at great speeds, you can’t unsee it.

After his part ends, he quickly moves into his new position — which is often very far away.

What’s even more impressive is that he never misses a beat when he begins to dance again.

He makes it look so easy as he swiftly moves the length of the stage without appearing cumbersome in the slightest.

Remaining light on his feet and fully engaged in the choreography, you might not even realize he’s traveled so far!

He capitalizes on this ability during “Black Swan.”

His smooth and optimized movements allow him to travel at amazing speeds. It’s all in a day’s work for Jimin!

Source: TheQoo