Here Are BTS Jimin’s Top 10 Best Eras Of All Time, Ranked By Fans

Did your favorite era make the list?

ARMYs ranked their top 10 favorite eras of BTS’s Jimin in a poll hosted by Twitter account @parkjiminpics with 15,000+ votes. Check out the final results below!

10. “Boy With Luv” — 4175 votes

For “Boy With Luv,” Jimin emerged along with the rest of BTS in pastels and silk.

He even returned to one of his fan-favorite hair colors — bright orange!

9. “FIRE” — 4265 votes

“FIRE” era brought the heat and showcased Jimin’s intense side.

He snagged fans’ hearts, leading the iconic dance move dubbed “3:33” in the finale of the song.

8. “Spring Day” — 4459 votes

“Spring Day” era blessed ARMYs with cotton candy hair, fuzzy sweaters, and lots of lamenting.

The soft, breezy look matched the solemn atmosphere of the song and performance.

7. “Fake Love” — 4674 votes

“Fake Love” had BTS return to their edgier side, featuring bold makeup, dyed hair, and animal print clothes.

Dark themes, bold sounds, and marionette choreography made this era even more badass.

6. “Life Goes On” — 4905 votes

BTS’s latest single “Life Goes On” showcases a more natural side of the members.

Portrayed as his day-to-day self, Jimin shines in his pure form.

5. “Dynamite” — 5100 votes

BTS popularized the Disco throwback concept with their hit song “Dynamite.”

Glasses, suits, roller skates — Anything and everything “Disco” was fair game!

4. “Run” — 5114 votes

“Run” era Jimin gave ARMYs orange hair, suspenders, and a whole lot of taking jackets on and off.

In other words, it was perfect!

3. “IDOL” — 6413 votes

BTS played with color in a classy way by sporting wildly printed suits for “IDOL.”

Jimin unleashed his fierce side, nailing the hard-hitting choreography and, again, being the main character in the song’s grand finale.

2. “Blood Sweat & Tears” — 6870 votes

Nobody does brooding, seductive, and sexy quite like “Blood Sweat & Tears” era Jimin.

Chokers, blindfolds, and low-cut shirts — It was a time to be alive!

1. “ON”/”Black Swan” — 9269 votes

Jimin’s latest blue-haired endeavor during “ON” and “Black Swan” took home the grand prize as ARMYs’ favorite era!

From the aggressive and cool stage of BTS’s anthem “ON,” to the graceful performance of the ominous “Black Swan,” Jimin proved his talents are endless.

Check out the poll’s full results below!