10 Eye Contact Moments With BTS’s Jimin That Will Actually Make Your Heart Pound

#4 is deadly!

Once you fall into BTS Jimin‘s dreamy gaze, it’s impossible to find your way out! Check out 10 times he made us nervous with direct eye contact — even if it’s only through a screen!

1. Try not to fall in love challenge: Already failed.

That’s not fair, he literally has stars in his eyes!

2. ARMYs, how are we feeling?

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

3. He just knows he’s cute.

It’s the smug expression for me.

4. As if the prolonged eye contact wasn’t enough…

…he’s also pointing you out!

5. Wait for it.

Okay, did you fall for him?

6. Is he a Disney prince?

Jimin, why are you so dreamy?!

7. His genuine smile when talking to fans will lift anyone’s mood.

He’s just so pure and kind.

8. If you’re blushing while watching this, it’s okay.

Nobody is immune to Jimin’s charms!

9. He’s just so handsome.

Jimin is the definition of a visual king.

10. In conclusion: We’re all whipped for Jimin.

His eyes must cast a love spell!

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