15 Iconic ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s Solo Album “FACE” Announcement

#9 is a mood!

BTS‘s Jimin just announced all the juicy details about his upcoming solo album, FACE. From the release date to the inner meaning — and even a teaser trailer — he surprised ARMYs with the sudden exciting announcement. As expected, fans have all sorts of relatable, hilarious, and iconic reactions to the news. Check out how fans are feeling below!

1. “Face” has many meanings, but we can’t argue with this one.

Jimin’s face is the main event.

2. Everything always leads back to the number 13.

It’s a Jimin thing!

3. We have a new official name for the photocards.

ARMYs are too clever.

4. We got a little more insight from the information in the countdown.

According to BIGHIT MUSIC, he’s facing his true self.

5. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a name!

Goodbye, PJM1. You will be missed.

6. Consider DIOR makeup one of our dream merch collaborations.

ARMYs can dream, right?

7. Friendly reminder: The album is going to be “raw” and “explicit.”

We are NOT ready.

8. With this color palette, there can be a variety of versions.

The more, the better.

9. This ARMY might be on to something.

Did they fool you?

10. One word: Collaborations.

Will Jimin feature any other artists on his album?

11. We are not ready for concept photos.

Bonus points if his tattoos are visible.

12. Jimin is indeed meeting fans through “FACE” activities.

Only the most lucky ARMY will attend whatever he’s planning!

13. There’s some potential symbolism in the color palette.

Fans have connected it to a previous quote from Jimin.

14. So much is happening…for ARMYs with money.

As for us broke ARMYs, we’ll watch from afar!

15. Jimin’s growth as a solo artist will be a whole new journey.

We can’t wait to support him through this new arc of his career!

Check out the full announcement below.

BTS’s Jimin Announces Solo Album “FACE” And Drops Teaser Trailer